What are the recommended files sizes?

For the best print quality, photos intended for print should be taken at the highest possible pixel resolution. A lower resolution photo printed at a larger size will stretch the pixels beyond the point where the image looks sharp and clear. On the other hand, it is amazing how large you can print a small (High Resolution) file that is sharp and properly exposed. Viewing your files at 100% zoom in an image application such as Photoshop will give you an excellent idea of how the print will look. The chart below will help you decide what image size works the best; in relation to your desired print size.

Print Size

Image Size

04x06 1000p x 1500p
05x07 1250p x 1750p
08x10 2000p x 2500p
08x12 2000p x 3000p
11x14 2750p x 3500p
16x20 4000p x 5000p
20x24 5000p x 6000p
24x30 6000p x 7500p
30x40 7500p x 10000p
What type of files do you accept?
We accept high resolution JPEG files up to 30MB. For larger files, please contact
customerservice@americandirectsales.com for assistance.
Can I send images from my phone?
Yes, our metal prints produce great photos from most smartphone images although; you may have to settle for a smaller sized print.
Keep in mind that the higher the megapixel size of your camera, the better your metal print will look. You may also want to check the Image Resolution
options on your camera phone to ensure you are shooting at the largest file size possible.
Will you adjust the clarity/sharpness of my image if it is too dark or too light?
Yes, our designers will make justified adjustments to an image that is too dark or too light. Also, in our checkout process we recommend you request a proof of your image to verify the adjustments are to your liking.
Do I need to crop my image?
We recommend you crop your photo according to how you want the finished product to look.


What sizes can I order?
We offer over 50 different standard and custom sizes ranging from 4" x 6" to 40” x 60”.
Can I order a custom size?
We do offer custom sizes at Metal Photos Direct and there are two different options
for ordering your custom sized print. The first option:
During the order/checkout process, select the size closest to the size you want your print to be and in the comments below,
list the exact size of your desired print. Second option: E-mail us at customerservice@americandirectsales.com to send us a
detailed email about your customized order and again feel free to contact
our customer service department whenever you have a question or comment in regards to your experience with Metal Photos Direct.
What print surface is best for my image?
Dye-Sublimation represents a new medium for displaying photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated products. Because the image is infused into the surface and not printed on it, your images will take on an almost breathtaking luminescence. You've never seen a more brilliant and high resolution print! Colors are vibrant and the detail and definition are unsurpassed. All of our surfaces yield the highest quality prints, however these simple guidelines will help you make the best choice for your image. Our Gloss and Matte white surfaces work best with vibrant, colorful images. For a unique effect, print your black and white or sepia images on our Clear gloss or Clear matte. The choice is yours, no matter the surface; your print will come out looking vibrant.
I have a question about my order, who do I contact?
The best way to reach our customer service department is via email at customerservice@americandirectsales.com or call us toll-free at 1-877-462-2621
Can I rush my order?
Metal Photos Direct does offer a “Rush It” service and this means we will move your order to the front of our production list with the same quality reassurance compared to all of our other orders.


What is the lead time on my orders?
Your Metal Prints will ship 2-3 days after your order is placed. We also can provide a “Rush It” Service that will move your order to the front of our production list.
Where do you ship?
We currently only ship within the U.S.
How long does shipping take?
Standard Shipping is 2-5 business days depending on your location. Shipping times are in addition to the 2-3 day in-house production times.
How much does shipping cost?
Shipping Charges are $4.95 for orders under $30.00 / $9.95 for orders under $120.00 / and $14.95 on all orders above $120.00. If your order requires a crate additional fees will apply.
Can I track my shipment?
We do not give a tracking number after your order is placed but upon request we can e-mail a tracking number for you to follow your shipment.
Can I pick up my order rather than shipping it?
Yes, we do allow customers to pick up their order as soon as they have been notified of its completion.
My photo arrived damaged. What do I do?
While we make every effort to pack your metal print to ensure it arrives in pristine condition, on occasion, prints are damaged during shipping. If your metal print is damaged when you receive it, simply contact customerservice@americandirectsales.com. You will be sent a return label and we will remake your Metal Print at no charge to you. Please be sure to return the damaged product in its original packaging.


How can I clean my print?
To remove dust or smudges use a microfiber or soft cotton cloth. If needed, you can use a damp cotton cloth and wipe dry with a dry soft cotton cloth. Each order that we send out includes its very own complimentary microfiber cloth to help maintain the great look of your metal print.
How can I hang my print?
Metal Photos Direct offers excellent hanging mounts that can be attached to the back of your metal prints! Our one of kind, industry leading, and patent pending mounting system is guaranteed to display your print flawlessly on any wall or surface. The mounts come in two different sizes; ¼” and ½”, and this selection can be made in our ordering service.
Can I display my metal print outdoors?
Our metal products can be placed anywhere you would like to but, if you are going to place your print outdoors make sure it is hung in a shaded area. Placing the metal print in direct sunlight will expose the colors of the image to being faded.
How permanent is my metal print?
The vibrant images printed on metal will last for many generations if the product is placed out of direct sunlight.


How are the metal prints created?
Creating the metal prints is not done with simply printing images onto metal but rather using a pressurized heating process to infuse a polymer coating onto the metal. Metal Photos Direct uses special dyes to print your image onto a transfer paper and infuses those dyes into the polymer coating pressed onto metal. A large amount of heat and pressure are used in this process to ensure the high quality of your metal print.
What forms of payment do you accept?
You can use your credit cards on our website. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept foreign currency.
I am unhappy with my print. What do I do?

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the quality or workmanship of your metal print, contact customerservice@americandirectsales.com within 30 days of receipt of your order. You will be sent a return label and we will remake your metal print at no charge to you.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for the image quality, resolution and proper exposure of the files you send to Metal Photos Direct. Please verify that the options you select such as metal finish and hanging options are correct before placing the order.

During the manufacturing process of metal, small imperfections or specs can form. We cannot reprint metal prints for this reason. We always try our best to make sure faces or other important objects are clear from any imperfections in the metal.